Enchantment under the sea at the Jazzhaus

“Where We Pee” is a weekly excursion into a local music venue’s excretory facilities, with a premium on the witticisms scrawled onto the walls.

Behind a door with a version of Magritte’s “Son of Man,” lies the Jazzhaus men’s room. More like a kid’s bedroom than the bathroom of a music club with its extensive undersea murals, it’s also a bathroom that’s is surprisingly free of graffiti.

One would figure that considering what’s been done to the Jackpot restrooms, the Jazzhaus’ extensive paint job would be totally obscured with typical bathroom witticisms like “Here I sit all broken hearted/Tried to shit but only farted.”

Such is not the case — check out the rest of the pictures to see that the only messages are the ones pinned to the cork board.

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