Empty streets in a previously bustling city

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We’ve been asking members of the KC community to submit stories about life under house arrest. If you’ve got a story you’d like to share, please send it to brock@thepitchkc.com for consideration. Today, local photographer (and Pitch intern) Samantha Sprouse shares a gallery of shots from her recent time in the world.

KC Voices local submissions

Illustration by Jack Raybuck

KC Voices local submissions

I went out hoping to get shots of the empty streets. Despite the stay at home orders, the streets were filled with people. They were walking in groups, walking their dogs, etc. I guess since businesses are closed, going outside is all people can do! So since the streets were busy with people, I had to look UP for a lot of my photos.

I really like fire escapes. A lot of my photos focused on them. They just add a lot of interesting lines to photos. I also really like shooting in alleys. You get a different perspective on the buildings compared to just shooting the front. There are usually more interesting shadows and stuff in alleys.

In looking up at buildings, you’re able to notice more detail than what you’d see at street level. So much attention to detail was given in these old buildings, and it’s hard to appreciate it without looking up and taking the building in completely.

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