Photos: Empathy in alt-rock as Bush takes the Midland with Starcrawler

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Bush. // [hoto by Allison Scavo

with Starcrawler
The Midland
Tuesday, February 7

Originally based out of London, England, Bush became one of the most well known rock bands in the United States in the 1990s. Their numerous top ten hits has earned them multiple awards throughout the years.

The Grammy-winning band took a hiatus from 2002 to 2010 but have since released five new albums. Bush played some of their hits but mostly focused on their new album, The Art of Survival, which captivated the audience with songs about growth, regret, and remaining calm in stressful situations.

Gavin has stated in previous interviews that The Art of Survival is, “instead of being mournful or self-piteous, this is about the success stories of humanity’s survival against the odds. We’ve all obviously suffered in varying degrees. Everyone is being tested all of the time, but we find a way.”

The empathetic aura radiated off the band throughout their interactions with audience members, celebrating birthdays loudly and then acknowledging hardships through otherwise silent speeches.

Los Angeles-based band, Starcrawler, electrified the stage while opening for Bush. The band is comprised of Arrow de Wilde, vocals, 23; Henri Cash, guitar, 22; Tim Franco, bassist, 26; Seth Carolina, drummer, 30; and Bill Cash, pedal steel/guitar, 19. Starcrawler had the entire venue rocking out with them.

Bush setlist
Blood River
The Chemicals Between Us
Bullet Holes
The Sound of Winter
Flowers on a Grave
Everything Zen
1000 Years
Heavy Is the Ocean
More Than Machines
Little Things

The Kingdom



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