Eminem’s ‘Recovery’ Leaks With Duets from Rihanna, Lil Wayne

Giving fans a faster turnaround than with his last album, Relapse, two tracks from Eminem’s follow-up, Recovery, have already made their way around music blogs this morning.

Though set for a June 22 release, the album has already received a fair share of eyebrow raises for some of the collaborations on the track list. For example P!nk, pop rocker and one of the early adopters of symbols in place of letters (suck it, Ke$ha), joins Em on track #4, “We Won’t Back Down.”

But the two tracks in question are “Love the Way You Lie” featuring Rihanna — a dark take on love reminiscent of “Kim” from The Marshall Mathers LP  — and “No Love” with Lil Wayne.

New York Magazine‘s Vulture blog has a post where you can listen to the tracks; download the MP3s (at your own risk) at On Smash and tell us what you think.

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