Elvis Perkins in Dearland

With Elvis Perkins in Dearland (the album and the band), throwback songsmith Elvis Perkins successfully dodges the dangers of a second-album sinkhole by letting his band help at the wheel. Evolving the singer-songwritery suggestions of his breakthrough debut, Ash Wednesday, In Dearland has a Bob Dylan-and-the-Band feel: rustic, communal and wise. It was even recorded near the Band’s old backwoods in upstate New York. Perkins’ romantic lyrics shine among floor-stomping upright bass, trombone, keyboards and hand-held percussion. “Doomsday” best shows the album’s infectious strength-in-numbers. What could be a woe-is-me dirge turns into a good time, horn-driven bounce with Perkins shouting, I don’t let doomsday bother me, do you let it bother you? Bring a friend to this show and be reminded that good company and warm, homespun songs are arms against a dark mind.

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