Elle King’s A-Freakin’-Men Tour lets loose at sold out Uptown Theatre

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Elle King. // photo by Jason Samayoa

Elle King
with Red Clay Strays
Uptown Theater
Wednesday, March 8

The undisputed trailer park queen, Elle King, rang the weekend in early Wednesday night at The Uptown Theatre, performing for a nearly sold-out crowd in support of her latest album, Come Get Your Wife. While Elle’s previous albums merely hinted at an artist dipping their feet into the waters of country music, this latest effort is fully submerged in genuine, Ohio hillbilly honky-tonk. Her banjo pluckin’ was particularly impressive, making it even more evident that she’s perfectly at home in her new set of cowboy boots.

And don’t think this will soften her hard hitting, whiskey drinking, raw, in your face persona–Elle is still as unapologetic and unfiltered as ever, encouraging the audience to embrace who they are without compromise. After revisiting hit single “Ex’s & Oh’s,” Elle took a moment to address the crowd, saying: “What I think is amazing is someone doing whatever the fuck they want to do. I’m talking about speaking their mind, dressing how they want to, and being whoever they want to be.”

That is what makes this woman’s music so hard not to love. A singer-songwriter with nothing to hide and plenty to say, she’s one bonafide, badass bitch who’s here to stay, especially amongst the brightest stars in country. So, here’s to another shot of bourbon and another ice-cold beer, because I’m drunk, and I don’t want to go home.

Support for Elle King was provided by the soulful, Alabama blues rockers Red Clay Strays, who recently released their debut full length album, Moment of Truth.

Elle King

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