Eighteen Visions

We don’t know exactly what kinds of visions are getting a nod in hardcore metal band Eighteen Visions‘ moniker. But we sure as hell hope that at least one is a vision of love. Or tunnel vision. Or 20-20 vision. Or — and this is if we’re really lucky — one that involves a psychic named Sweet Mama Love, a Ouija board and a fifth of peach schnapps. Then again, maybe the Orange County band’s name doesn’t have a damn thing to do with seeing (of either the mystical or the optical variety). But we do know that the glam, hollow-cheeked quintet’s schizophrenic mix of zeal and subdued intensity can lead even the emptiest souls — like ours! — into listening. Especially when their songs have titles like “Sonic Death Monkey.” Now that’s visionary.

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