Eat This Now: The soft pretzels at King G

The soft pretzels at King G. // Photo by April Fleming

The soft pretzels at King G. // Photo by April Fleming

Deli by day and moody bar by night, King G has managed to stand out in the booming East Crossroads entertainment district along 18th Street by offering straightforward, solid dishes and drinks in an unpretentiously cool and modern environment. One of those dishes, and probably its most humble, is a simple soft pretzel. It’s one of the best things I’ve eaten all year.

The bar bites at King G are available Wednesday through Saturday from 4-11 p.m. You can get a veggie and olive board, house-made chips, and burrata. Among all the other options, there’s really something special about that pretzel. One bite in, I realized it might be the best pretzel I’ve ever had. I don’t typically like pretzels that much, but King G’s version completely changed my mind.

It’s also not complicated. It all starts with a Farm to Market soft pretzel, made fresh either that day or the day before and delivered to the shop. Yes, one can buy a bag of FTM pretzels on their own, but it’s what they do with it at King G that makes it delicious. First, it is pressed on a panini, crisping the exterior just a little, while leaving the inside super soft and chewy. They then brush on melted butter, salt bae on some crunchy pretzel salt, and serve it up with strong ground mustard and pickled red onions.

Next to a beer and dunked in mustard with a little onion on top, this is about as perfect as a bar bite gets.

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