Eat This Now: Sonoran Flour Tortillas From Yoli Tortilleria

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Sonoran-style tortillas will ruin you on any other kind of tortillas for the rest of your life—truly, after cooking with and eating these, the doughy, thick grocery store stuff practically feels like punishment. We’ve had some access to them through Lawrence’s Caramelo for a couple of years now, but demand for them is so high that they are scarce. But with the introduction of Yoli Tortilleria’s own Sonoran flour tortillas (at 17th and Jefferson Streets in the North Westside) our tortilla prayers have been answered.

Made with pork leaf lard from Paradise Locker (in the world of lard, this is the really good stuff), organic flour, water, and salt, Yoli’s Sonoran flour tortillas are wafer thin and have a perfect al-dente texture. They are also surprisingly resilient to sogginess or breaking. Recommended eating method: toss them on a hot griddle or fry pan to lightly toast each side, then fill with your favorite taco stuff.

As a native of Ciudad Obregon in Sonora, Mexico, Marissa Gencarelli, who co-founded and owns Yoli with her husband Mark, grew up on this stuff. Her family eats them filled with eggs and chorizo for breakfast, in a crispy quesadilla, or with flame-grilled steak and avocado for dinner. But truly, these things are so good you can even eat them straight off the stove.

Yoli Tortilleria

2828 Guinotte Ave, KC, MO

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