D/Will Drops “Battery Effect” With Free Download

North Kansas City rapper D/Will dropped his first album, Battery Effect, yesterday. It’s available now for free download through 2DopeBoyz, a division of OkayPlayer (the Roots’ label). Our reviewer speaks of D/Will’s “considerable microphone skills and authenticity,” which is a damned good endorsement.

Get that sucker via this page, which offers up the link.

He’s got a show tonight at the Scion Lab (not to be confused with the Scion-sponsored show at the Czar Bar). It’s presented by INnatesounds, with hosts Miles Bonny and Brother of Moses and house band Leonard DStroy and Reggie B.

Grab the album, and maybe if you listen to it really hard in the next couple of hours, you’ll know enough words to be able to join in on the choruses tonight. That way, you can look like you’ve been down with it since the beginning.

If you really like it, you can head over to D/Will’s site and buy an honest-to-gosh real copy. There’s even a special edition, which comes complete with t-shirt, stickers, what looks to be batteries, and Now-N-Laters (Yay! Candy!).

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