Duncan Burnett, The Uncouth, They Watch Us From The Moon, and more of the best local music videos

This month’s roundup of the best in local music videos sees rock and roll batting cleanup after a couple hip-hop and R&B stunners, but it all grooves pretty hard. Whether you’re in the mood for beats or riffs, there’s something for you in the latest Cine Local.

The Epitome X Remy Bun E Rosko X Zieg Amimura, “Scott Summers”

Eyes all red, feelin’ like I’m Scott Summers. Eating weed gummies and dropping bars with X-Men references? We are, as they say, here for almost anything The Epitome drops, but this mix of low-key beats and furious lyrics is absolutely tops.

You can catch The Epitome alongside Chris Webby, Jarren Benton, Locksmith, Ekoh, DJ Scotty Wu, and more at Roxy Bar on Monday, October 28. Details on that show here.

Duncan Burnett, “You” feat. Merry Clayton 

Summer’s rolling out the door, but this song is a 100 percent accept-no-substitutes cookout joint, pure joy in two-and-a-half minutes. This is a soulful celebration, and the fact that “every person in this video is Duncan Burnett’s actual family all living in or around his hometown of Olathe, KS” only makes it better.

Twisted Dragon, “Hollow Me” (live) 

A live version of the opening track on the stoner duo’s album, Mirage, “Hollow Me” grooves like hell and rocks harder than you’d expect from just two dudes. The audio from their June 29 show at the Riot Room opening for Royal Tusk is a little blown out, but it’s worth a little distortion to hear this pair do their thing.

You can catch Twisted Dragon opening for Seckond Chaynce at Voodoo Lounge on Saturday, September 21. Details on that show here.

The Uncouth, “My Lai” (live) 

Sid Sowder over at Too Much Rock captured this footage of the KC street punks performing a new song when they opened for the Lillingtons at the Rino on August 21. The band’s always had a political bent to some its songs, but this new cut focuses on the Vietnam War massacre of My Lai, where United States soldiers killed an unarmed village. It’s an unflinching indictment of the military-industrial complex and the lies told, and it rocks socks, to boot.

They Watch Us From The Moon, “They Watch Us… From The Moon!” 

Although the folks in They Watch Us From The Moon have been playing a crazy amount of shows since their debut last November, we’ve only had one song from the band to play at home. While “Mother of All Bongs,” the TWUFTM first release, has been a jam, its newest, eponymous cut makes us hope that we’ll finally get that EP the band’s been talking about in time for the holidays. Because what says “Christmas” like nine-plus minutes of riffage about an impending alien invasion?

You can catch They Watch us From The Moon opening for Burn the Gates at Roxy Bar on Friday, October 4. Details on that show here.

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