Dropping a Dimebag

Editor’s note: We take it all back. Dimebag Darrell Abbott was the most awesome guitarist no, make that the greatest musician of any type who ever lived. The Pitch was completely out of line to suggest in its December 23 issue that some of the latter-day adulation for the murdered Damageplan and Pantera guitarist might have reached ridiculous heights (“Body Bag” by Geoff Harkness). Harkness was clearly insane when he criticized those comparing Abbott to another slain musician, John Lennon. In fact, Lennon was just a hack compared with the ax-thrashing genius of Abbott. This became clear to us as we dug through the hundreds of angry messages the newspaper received from enlightened music fans from around the country. Here’s just a sample (read more at pitch.com):

You piece of shit fucking asshole. You need to have your head taken out of your boyfriend’s asshole and realize that Dimebag is and always will be one of the greatest guitar players ever. If you belittle him in comparison to John Lennon, that’s sad. The Beatles are by far the most overrated band in the world. They couldn’t put as much feel in their music as Dimebag nor as much skill as Dimebag had ever! He is a legend because he is an awesome person, and I know because I have met him and he is a good friend and an unbelievable guitar player. Yes he can drink like a motherfucker. However, he is known primarily for his guitar playing and his relations to his fans. Have fun listening to Britney Spears. Go home and jack off by yourself and write some more columns that amplify the fact that you have no fucking clue about anything that you write about. See you in hell, cocksucker!

Ryan Zimmerman

Edina, Minnesota

I work at a classic-rock radio station, and I hope you rot for this. You obviously aren’t a fan of Damageplan or Pantera. If you had a shred of compassion, you wouldn’t have ripped on Darrell Abbott and the people who think he’s an incredible musician. That’s right. He’s a guitar legend. I think that qualifies him to be in the same category as Jimi Hendrix. For us “metal heads,” this is our John Lennon. We will always talk about his guitar riffs just like we talk about Slash, Zakk Wylde or Jerry Cantrell’s ability to play. Haven’t you noticed how many people are in mourning? It’s about the passion. Something you’ll never understand and that makes me wonder why anyone would hire you.

Cari Meyer

Mankato, Minnesota

Hey, Geoff, who the fuck are you? Nobody knows who the fuck you are, but everyone knows who Dimebag is! He could outplay you on guitar any day, anytime. You’re a fucking degenerate loser who is just jealous that he doesn’t have one-tenth of the talent that Dimebag possessed. Please crawl back into your hole, you piece of shit! You should be showing respect to Dimebag, but instead you choose to disrespect him. You better watch your back, motherfucker.

Name Withheld by Request

Thanks for having the balls to write this article. I myself am a huge metal fan and know that Abbott’s death is very sad. But I had been thinking the same thing about the comparison to Mr. Abbott and John Lennon, and it’s absurd, really. Dimebag was without a doubt a very good metal guitarist and performer, but one of music history’s best? A music icon? I think not.

Tom Schmidt

Scottsdale, Arizona

Since day one of this tragedy, I was waiting for a low life to bring this up, and here you are. So you’re trying to make a name for yourself by writing this; what a man you are. Darrell’s musical talent and skill was bigger then his drinking habits and record sales. You will never come close to bring to journalism what he brought to music, not even an ounce, get it?


Eric Galy

Verdun, Quebec

As for the John Lennon comparison, I’m sure Mike Portnoy was speaking in terms of the “metal world.” To us, yes, this was like John Lennon being shot. Of course, you failed to mention that Mr. Portnoy might also have made the comparison because it just happened to be the same day Lennon was shot and killed by a crazed fan, just like Darrell Abbott. Yes, Damageplan’s album hadn’t sold much, but within the metal world, that is a great number of albums to have sold. Give the band some credit for selling that many albums with no promotion whatsoever from Elektra (other than the occasional Headbanger’s Ball appearances). Yes, Dimebag worshipers are a dime a dozen, but we were all here before he was killed. Of course we weren’t all on the message boards writing about how great he is. He was alive. When people die, we reflect, and that’s what we, the metal community, are doing. Would his death have been more tragic if he was playing a stadium or an arena? Since it was in front of 200 people it’s less tragic? I can’t for the life of me see how you music journalists see this as “no big deal.” The way I see it, you music journalists are a dime a dozen.

George Mendoza

Sanger, California

Fuck you, Geoff Harkness, you prick! Hopefully, one day someone comes up to you and blows your brains out. What, are you jealous that Dimebag is better known than you? Are you a failed musician that worshipped Dimebag but sucked? You’re just jealous that Dimebag will be remembered forever, and when you die, no one is gonna give a fuck.

Name Withheld by Request

Dimebag’s legacy was not just his drinking habit, just like Lennon’s wasn’t of his hippie, your-body-is-a-temple bull. It was his amazing songwriting, riff-writing and solo ability that inspired hundreds of thousands of people to pick up a guitar, grow their hair, have fun. To say he wasn’t adored while alive is just ridiculous. I think what you say is absolutely fucking disgusting.

Dan Marchini

Mullica Hill, New Jersey

I know how your kind thinks. That we (metalheads) are just a bunch of reckless, alcoholic idiots who have no value in the scheme of things. On the contrary, you are the ones who are pathetic — a waste, the little scum that covers the Earth, feeding off others and spreading your evil. When it’s all said and done, we will see who wins and who burns in the corner. I would just love to kick your ass. Texas style.

Name Withheld by Request

Dimebag Darrell played to a tiny club on the night of his death. But that tiny club, I’m sure, was filled with people whose passion for the music played could have, if given physical form, been hard enough to stop the bullets that ended Dimebag’s life. Abbott’s Confederate-flag guitar may have offended you — no doubt you’re a Starbucks-dwelling liberal. But to those who know more than what Hillary Clinton tells them, the Confederate flag symbolizes rebellion. Rebellion from what? Well, uneducated music-industry criticism for starters. The adoration was alive and well, buddy. The problem is that your view is so mind-numbingly narrow-minded that anything outside the mainstream radar seems to not exist. When you’re done kneeling at the alter of Saint Popular, myself and the legions of headbangers gunning for your hide will be waiting.


Michael Carter

Zion, Illinois

You mentioned Pantera’s multimillion-selling history and Damageplan’s barely 160,000 sales, but did it ever occur to think that the band was having fun doing what they so enjoyed? Money, fame and millions of albums sold doesn’t come close to the thrill of just playing the music you enjoy, something the editorial elite probably couldn’t understand. Lennon and Abbott both were murdered. Taken from us too soon. Too bad you attempted to further the assassination of Dimebag with words. Maybe you’d like an address to send flowers to the murderer? Perhaps a note of gratitude to the makers of the ammunition and the weapon? You should have chosen to “kept your mouth shut and be thought a fool, than opening your mouth and proving it.”

Randy Hickey


It’s true, where the fuck have all the Dimebag fans been when he was alive? It’s not like he was Jason Becker or Pettruci on the guitar in the first place. The metal scene today really bothers me.

Name Withheld by Request

You stupid cunt. Take five bullets in the head and see how many people miss you or give two fucks. Dime was a legend, a legend you obviously know nothing about. You don’t seem to realize that there’s probably a lot more than one mental Pantera fan out there. I can only take comfort in knowing that you will sure as hell get your repayment for the disrespect via some other nutter who will no doubt want to crack your nuts. You deserve all you get, asshole.

Name Withheld by Request

I think you’re just bitter because you’ll never be as good of a guitar player that Dime was. Or are you bitter because you suffer from penis envy? Dude, you had some good points about Damageplan’s album not selling as well as Pantera’s, but check it out: Superjoint Ritual’s CDs aren’t flying off the shelves, either! No metal CDs are. Do us all a favor, OK? Go give your mother a hug and thank her for being the only person who takes you seriously.

Name Withheld by Request

Maybe Dimebag isn’t legendary to you, but to the people closest to him and people who really admired him, he is. So fuck you, you piece of shit. You need your ass stomped, prick, and I hope you get what’s coming to you. Hope you don’t feel safe.

Name Withheld by Request

People from all over respected and loved this man. You shit talkers are the ones who are a dime a dozen. You people only come outta the woodwork when somebody really great dies and you trash them. What if someone trashed your heroes and disrespected them? Dimebag fans never did anything to you. The record sales and booze aren’t what made this man a music legend. It was his contribution to his fans and his 100 percent attitude toward playing the music he loved. So up yours, you yuppie know-nothing scumbag.

Steve Ambrosius

Tustin, California

At last, someone who tells it like it is without being disrespectful to Darrell Abbott, the human being.

Name Withheld by Request

You are a complete and utter moron. What have you done with your life besides type for a silly little Web site? Where were you when Dime was writing those riffs that changed millions of people’s lives? You were nowhere, just a kid trying to make his way through life. You have no right to fucking speak about Dimebag Darrell. You did nothing great. And where were these comments when Dime was alive, pussy? Yeah, you keep your fucking comments to yourself, and then when a legend dies you bash him because he can’t do anything about it? You motherfucking coward. I hope you get in a fucking car crash.


Bryan Robson

Dracut, Massachussetts

John Lennon’s message of peace was obvious, Dimebag’s was more subtle. Dime never encouraged violence, and he spread peace by befriending people in other bands and Pantera fans, holding up his beer and shots in love for another brother. Shame on you for even thinking such thoughts at the time of holiday cheer, and in the wake of Dime’s tragic passing. I hate you.

Name Withheld by Request

You are an absolute moron. Dimebag was the greatest metal guitarist of our time and was worshipped by his fans. He was voted guitarist of the year the past two years in Guitar World magazine, even when he wasn’t actively in a band. You have no clue what you’re talking about in your article. Ask any metal band today who their influences are, and undoubtedly the vast majority will include Pantera. They created their own sound and released some of the best metal albums of all time. Research your story before you write it next time, asshole.

Chris Cline

Manassas, Virginia

You fucking gutless prick. “Dime a dozen” is what Internet hack writers are, yourself being a prime example. Hide behind your computer, you pussy, and write derogatory things about recently deceased; clearly it gives your sad life some purpose and meaning. You’re a fucking coward.

Name Withheld by Request

Fuck you. Dime was loved by millions. You, on the other hand, are a piece of shit that only a mother could love. In fact, I think I did hear her gargle something about you when I shot a load in her mouth, but it’s hard to tell. You probably suck the shit out of dogs’ asses behind closed doors for the Internet or something equally fucked-up, then get on your moral high horse and voice your musical opinions. Fuck you.

Name Withheld by Request

Sure, the Beatles were one of the most influential bands ever, but what you said about Dimebag was completely wrong. His true fans completely adored him when he was alive, and we all knew he was one of the best guitar players of our time. How can you say they had shitty shows? I bet you never attended one of them. Their last tour, the Extreme Steel Tour, was one of the best concerts I have ever seen. Next time keep your goddamned opinions to yourself.

Mitch Fredrickson

Hutchinson, Minnesota

Millions adored Dimebag before his tragic demise, and his death is equivalent to Lennon’s to this generation. Don’t be jealous because he could outdrink you. He is, was and always will be a legend. And he could play circles around anyone you know.

Joe Smith

Coos Bay, Oregon

I never understood why people got upset about JFK, John Lennon, Princess Di, or Kurt Cobain until this happened, and I was totally devastated by the loss of a childhood hero. You’re right about Damageplan, and I could see where you thought Pantera was past their prime, but current sales stats don’t make or take from legendary status. Jimmy Page is a guitar hero and legend, and when was the last time he put out anything worth a shit? What you wrote was totally uncalled for and in totally bad taste.


Name Withheld by request

I think you must be some corporate music whore who is told what to listen to. To call Darrell Abbott talentless because he is not some mainstream piece of shit like a band the caliber of Linkin Park is fucking insanity. I guess awesome guitar players like Steve Vai and Joe Satriani are pieces of shit, too, because they are not played on Top 40 radio. Ask any true metal fan who is the best metal guitar player, and it will always be Dime. Stick to writing about the corporate music machines like Britney Spears and ‘NSync, because you obviously know nothing about other forms of music.

Mike Ordo

Dearborn, Michigan

Geoff Harkness is a scumbag. He can kiss my ass and go to hell. He is an ignorant, disrespectful, conceited, closed-minded fool. He doesn’t know crap about heavy metal or about Dimebag Darrell. If I ever came face to face with him, I would definitely kick his ass.

Name Withheld by Request

Darrell Abbott was, is and will be one of the most influential guitarists in heavy metal music. Dime played solos when it was “uncool” to play solos in metal. Pantera single-handedly kept metal’s heart beating throughout the grunge- and alt-rock-obsessed ’90s, when most of their peers sold their metal souls, cut off their hair, wore black nail polish and eye makeup and started french kissing their bandmates at press conferences. The one big thing you missed in your article is the kind of person Darrell Abbott was. In an industry full of assholes, fevered egos and prima donnas, Dime stood out. Regardless of his amazing skill on his “Confederate-flag guitar”, as you put it, he is so highly revered and so sorely missed because he never seemed like a “big rock star.” To say that the “only thing legendary about Dimebag Darrell was is drinking habit” is an insult to his memory and to his fans. As a guitar player, I still find his work inspiring and stupefying. If you can’t agree, then you simply don’t know shit about good metal. Perhaps your words would be better spent writing about uberhip “now” bands like Modest Mouse and Franz Ferdinand. It sounds like you’d fit in better with the Weezer glasses-sweaters-and-skinny-tie crowd anyways.

Brian Ray

Oregon City, Oregon

So you don’t like Dimebag, and you’re not a real fan of metal. It makes me wonder why somebody like you needs to write something like this. Dimebag touched lots of peoples’ souls, just like Lennon and Hendrix did. Just because he was playing in small clubs doesn’t make him any less important to metal. The Beatles never meant much to me, but you didn’t see me going around talking shit about George Harrison just because he wasn’t selling a lot of records before he died. It’s people like you that give the music press such a shitty name.

Mike Rees

Oak Forest, Illinois

What is wrong with having a Confederate flag? I’m from Minnesota, and Dimebag was from Texas, but I still understand his views. It’s not about racism or anything like that; it’s about good old Southern values. Have you ever heard of Southern hospitality? Dimebag was a phenomenal guitar player. Have you heard his solo on “Cemetery Gates”? Who cares if he had a funny stage name? You need to show the dead more respect.


Name Withheld by Request

New bands (especially those containing members of former platinum bands) don’t necessarily sell a million records out of the box. For Damageplan to sell 160,000 albums is pretty impressive. As for people praising Darrell, you can’t name a single metal band that came out after 1990 that doesn’t have at least some influence from Pantera or Darrell. And that is what makes him legendary. I had the pleasure of meeting Darrell twice, and I have to say that without a doubt he was one of the coolest, most down-to-earth people I’ve ever met. He treated everyone the same. But you know what they say: People who can play an instrument start bands; people who can’t become rock journalists. Dimebag Darrell Abbott was a great person, a great musician and most importantly he was something that you’ll never be … real.

Jay Udell

Columbia Heights, Minnesota

Fuck you, you pilfering, namedropping worm. Dimebag is being remembered by millions. You are writing about him in some shitty Web site no one has heard of. See a difference? You’re one of the assfucks using his name to further your own nonexistent career. If not that, then you’re probably a shitty musician looking to trying to make yourself feel better. Have you sold as many millions of records as Pantera has and continues to to this day? You seemed to forget to mention them in your article altogether. Go fucking die, you piece of shit. You should be shot dead and left in the cold.

Name Withheld by Request

Is it really appropriate to talk about how much better John Lennon was than Dimebag Darrell at a time like this? Just because you are not a fan of Dimebag’s music does not give you the right to talk about him like he was not a music legend, human being, and loved by thousands. I don’t know why so many of you writers are focusing on trash-talking Dimebag. Why don’t you focus on the deranged idiot who killed him or the need for more security precautions at concerts? Your focus is entirely in the wrong place.

James Broxton

Colorado Springs, Colorado

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