Drink This Now: The Winter Latte at Second Best Coffee

Photo by April Fleming

Utilizing exceptional proprietary Costa Rican roasts and the city’s only Slayer espresso machine (it’s very nice), Second Best Coffee in Waldo has been a hit among KC coffee heads since it opened in 2014. Espresso shots and pour-overs are always a solid choice here, but the current winter menu includes several standouts. One is the 511, which features crushed ice, eggnog, Prototype espresso, and a white chocolate snow (there is also an eggnog version of this drink). But we keep returning to the Winter Latte, a shot of espresso, eight ounces of steamed milk, cloves, allspice, and a light dusting of nutmeg. The spices make for a deeply aromatic experience—one whiff (and maybe a sip), and you feel transported to the side of a fireplace in a very cozy home, even though you’ve just shuffled in from a parking lot at 85th Street and Wornall.

Second Best Coffee

328 W. 58th Street


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