Drink This Now: The Plum Tree at Swordfish Tom’s

Photo by April Fleming

Jill Cockson of the Crossroads cocktail dungeon Swordfish Tom’s is one of the city’s brainiest bartenders, the type of operator who leads discussions about profitability and trends at industry conferences. Though she takes her work seriously, her drinks are consistently playful. Cockson’s fall menu includes a garden pepper cocktail that doubles as a tribute to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (“tart and spicy”) as well as a clever drink called the Turkey Dinner, which blends Wild Turkey Rye with a house-made orange cranberry cordial, fresh lemon, and green chartreuse-toasted rosemary. But the seasonal item we’re most juiced on is the Plum Tree. Combining Builder’s Gin, house plum-cardamom syrup, lemon, and lavender bitters, this drink was inspired, Cockson says, by the Japanese plum tree, which sometimes blossoms even in the dead of winter. Sipping on one of these provides a delicious taste of hope as we ponder the long, cold, dark Kansas City nights that lie ahead.

Swordfish Tom’s, 210 W 19 Terrace

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