Drink This Now: The Flower Bomb at Brick & Mortar

By April Fleming

Szechuan buttons, also known as buzz buttons or buzz blossoms, have been popping up in cocktail publications and trendy coastal bars over the past couple of years, though they’ve remained scarce around Kansas City. When you chew on these little yellow buds (the edible flower of a plant called acmella oleracea), your tongue tingles and a rush of coolness fills your mouth. Why put them in a cocktail? Well, for one, it’s a weird and fun sensation. But we’re also told it stimulates salivary glands and changes the flavor profile of the drink. At Brick & Mortar (7425 Broadway; the old Tanner’s), the Flower Bomb features Patron Blanco, ginger syrup, yuzu and lemon juice. The citrusy, bright drink starts off as a gingery margarita. But as you chew that Szechuan button, the drink gets tarter, colder, spicier. (The cocktail is a tribute to the Verbena, a famous industry cocktail developed by Mariena Mercer at the Chandelier Bar in the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas.) The Flower Bomb would be a nice drink on its own, but with the bud and the extra sensory experience, it adds up to a good reason to visit Waldo’s newest food-and-drinks spot.

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