Drink This Now: The Exorcism on Main Street at Swordfish Tom’s


Photo by April Fleming

It’s been a weird holiday season, friends. But it’s not all bad news—delicious, wonderful things are still out there, waiting to be tasted. Jill Cockson and her team at Swordfish Tom’s have long provided Kansas City with well-balanced, smart cocktails, and they are here to help us through what may prove to be a rough season.

For $20, you can pick up a bottle of batched cocktails from the bar’s Crossroads location, and each bottle contains about two and a half to three servings. These cocktails include the Four Roses Manhattan and the Exorcism on Main Street, a sweet, tart start to a good night featuring Bombay Sapphire East Gin, Green Chartreuse, violet liqueur, housemade hibiscus-cubeb pepper syrup, fresh lemon juice, and a deep magenta candied hibiscus flower garnish. Seasonal drinks are available as well, like the Brazilian Bombshell, with Cachaca rum, smoked pineapple syrup, Pasubio blueberry, and house-squeezed lime juice, or the Gold Digger, with Rye Whiskey, lemon juice, mustard seed and dill. 

It’s increasingly apparent that this may be the longest, most hunker down of winters—all the more reason for a high-quality drink. Or few. At home.  

Categories: Beer & Spirits