Drink This Now Hopefully Soon: The Dulce Calor at South of Summit Taqueria & Tequila

Dulce Calor 2

Photo by April Fleming

From the Editor: This delicious bit was written for our March issue, back in February. While you can’t enjoy South of Summit’s cocktails right now, we hope we all get to soon.

South of Summit turns out to be a good stopping place if you like tequila or mezcal—it’ll certainly be one of the only places in the area where you can find Cazadores, Bozal, Nuestra Soledad, or any of the dozens of other varieties of agave spirits, available in .75- or 1.5-ounce pours. (We’ll take a flight!) The real draw is the cocktails, which feature fresh-squeezed juices and simple but well-conceived preparations. If you like strawberries—and heat—a standout is Dulce Calor. The name translates to sweet heat, and being straightforward has never led anyone wrong. It derives most of its flavor from a house-made strawberry-habanero purée, but is nicely balanced with peppery Elvelo Blanco tequila, Bittermen’s hellfire habanero shrub, and fresh-squeezed lime juice. The coupe glass it’s served in is rimmed with coarse chili-lime salt, which also complements the unabashed fruitiness of the drink. It tastes like biting into a spicy, salty, ripe strawberry, and we’ll take two more, please.

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