Drakkar Sauna: Tour and Louvin-themed Album


Leave it to Wallace Cochran and Jeff Stolz to seem like they’re not doing much then totally blast out of the hoary undergrowth of Lawrence with something completely awesome.

This time it’s a tribute to the Louvin Brothers. The new album from Cochran and Stolz’s outfit, Drakkar Sauna, is called Wars and Tornadoes, and apparently it’s all Louvin bros., all sung in the close-harmony style Charlie and Ira perfected. If this new track is any indication, Drakkar’s pretty darn good at it themselves — better than we had idea they were, in fact. These guys take vocal lessons or somethin?

MP3: Drakkar Sauna“River of Jordan,” from Wars and Tornadoes

Courtesy of their label, Marriage Records

Follow the link for tracklist and tourdates.

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