Dr. Popp, the first computer virus, and the purpose of human life: Studies in Crap gapes at Popular Evolution

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Popular Evolution: Life-Lessons From Anthropology


Joseph L. Popp


Man and Nature Press




at: “Borrowed” from

Your Crap Archivist’s old job in a Harvard alumni office


Cover Promises: The worst

A Chorus Line ever.




the reproductive imperative always in mind, this book offers an

unadorned explanation of the purpose of human life and how we can

fulfill that purpose.” (page xv)


that your children get a good eighth grade education. … Avoid

smoking tobacco unless you are a teenager who would otherwise not be

having sexual intercourse. … Individuals should not use any form

of contraception. … Keep no pets. Have another child or help a

relative have another child instead.” (page 260)

By my count,

Harvard-trained evolutionary biologist Joseph L. Popp managed at least

four wholly unique accomplishments before his death in 2007:

  1. Studying

    hamadryas baboons in East Africa for fifteen years.

  2. Opening a

    butterfly sanctuary in upstate New York. 

  3. Self-publishing

    Popular Evolution, a

    “new model for the ultimate kind of self-help”that argues that

    humanity’s only purpose is “maximizing reproductive success” and

    points out, as a point for further research, that “Rape appears as

    a reproductive strategy in other species.”

  4. Mailing out

    20,000 floppy disks containing a computer virus aimed at holding hostage the world’s

    accumulated knowledge of AIDS.

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