Dr. Manhattan’s art collection comes from Kansas City

Watchmen opens tonight at 11:55. I won’t be there, but I’m tempted to go and see what Zach Snyder has done with Alan Moore‘s graphic novel (even if Moore has cursed the film). When I finally see it, I’ll be watching for a couple of sculptures from Kansas City artists.

Warner Bros. leased four sculptures from Paul Dorrell‘s Leopold Gallery on the heels of the successful installation at H&R Block’s world headquarters.

“They were Googling contemporary sculpture, and they came up with Brent Collins,” Dorrell says. “They were just blown away. They thought it had a modernistic quality to it that would fit the

film — especially when you cast the works in bronze.

“The amazing thing about Brent is he sculpts the wooden patterns by

hand, and the wooden patterns are extremely complex. How he does that

is just beyond me.”

Dorrell tells me to look for Collins’ pieces — and a couple from Arlie Regier — in Dr. Manhattan‘s home.

“Some are in his dining room,” Dorrell says. “Some are in his bedroom. Some are in his living room.”

After the jump, a look at Dr. Manhattan’s sculpture collection.

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