Download Verbicide Select Mixtape Volume 3

The only thing better than a free mix with music from new albums by RJD2, Dum Dum Girls, Brother Ali, and more is when said free download comes complete with an unreleased tune from Elliott Smith.

Verbicide Magazine is offering up a ten-track mix. It’s your basic compilation of label-approved tracks meant to get you to go out and drop some coin on what’s deemed “hip” and “cool.” Previous versions (available here and here) have included Xiu Xiu and Nirvana. It’s the sort of thing that used to come included with magazines like Alternative Press or CMJ’s New Music Monthly. It’s nice to see that content as advertising is still alive and kicking.

The inclusion of Smith’s recently unearthed “Cecilia/Amanda” makes this worth getting, however.

Download Verbicide Select Volume 3

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