Download the Lost Qui Lo Album

Chris Milbourn of Demencha Magazine sent Wayward Blog a missive about a recent post over at the mag’s Web site regarding a piece of local hip-hop history: the missing album from Qui Lo, The Enemy:

Qui Lo was a group in the mid-late 90’s consisting of Godemis (currently of Ces Cru), Joe Good (who back then went by “Dr. Who”) and Big Frame aka Skillz Lane (currently of Guerilla Movement and Tru Spittaz Click). They recorded an album called “The Enemy,” 15 tracks long, when the three of them were like 18-19 years old. It’s not the greatest thing to come out of KC, by any means. But it it is fun to listen to and see how all these guys have moved on to better things, one way or another. The interludes on this album are funny as hell, too! This record was never released. I had to keep bugging Frame about giving me the tracks, and he finally did last summer.

Is there a better way to refer to hip-hop history? Hip-hopstory? Dear God, no. Let’s not use that word ever again. I’m sorry I even brought it up.

Download The Enemy right here.

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