Download Hellogoodbye’s Mini EP

Sign up for Hellogoodbye‘s mailing list over at their MySpace page, and they’ll give you two free songs, “When We First Met” and “Not Ever Coming Home.” You also get the video for “When We First Met.”

Up until I posted this, the only thing I’d ever heard from the band was a cover of “Weird Science” they did for Dead Band’s Party: A Tribute to Oingo Boingo, which I enjoyed the ever-loving hell out of. I am also somewhat interested in them now, if only because several of the songs on their MySpace have a ukulele in them.

They even have a three-song EP entitled Ukulele Recordings that has a cover of Buddy Holly’s “Everyday.” That I am actually afraid of hearing, because the version that Rogue Wave did for the Stubbs the Zombie soundtrack is so amazing that I don’t ever want to hear anyone else do it again, for fear of tainting the inherent beauty.

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