Download Drag the River’s Live at the Starlight

Drag the River‘s been through our area scads upon oodles of times, and they’re a popular favorite amongst those “in the know” regarding alt country. They were one of the first groups of punks to catch onto the whole country music side project in the mid-90s, which had been explored by X via the Knitters in the ’80s, and never really caught on. Now it seems that every punk picks up an acoustic guitar and writes songs about bars at closing time these days.

Live at the Starlight is made available courtesy a conversation founding member Jon Snodgrass had with Suburban Home Records label head Virgil Dickerson at a wedding.

As some of you may or may not know, the CD version of “Live at the Starlight” has been out of print for a while now. Whenever a release goes out of print, a handful of enterprising individuals take advantage of the inability to easily purchase the release and sell their own copy(ies) through sites like Ebay or Amazon for outrageous prices. One such individual has “Live at the Starlight” for sale for $80 on Ebay. You can’t blame people for doing this, but Jon felt that if we gave the album for free, no one would feel the need to spend so much money on the CD.

You can download it track-by-track or as a ZIP file here at Suburban Home.

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