Don’t be scurred! Overkill plays a benefit this weekend

If you only enjoy the safe confines of conscious rap — the kind that helps sell cologne and booze — then you’re missing out on some quality head-bobbing, cognac-sipping experiences. Of course, that brand of too-real rap scares the crap out of my nancy ass.Venturing out to the West Bottoms to see

dudes rapping about getting head is too hood for me, so I have to

settle for the video by Chris Williamson:

Thanks for alerting us to the video, TKC! It reminds me: Overkill, one of the best acts in that video, performs Saturday at the First Annual KKFI Benefit Concert, also featuring James Christos, Joe Cool Xta-C, Swass Blasty, Royce Diamonds, and R&B-reggae act VG. Half the proceeds go to the radio station, which is still going strong despite what you may hear to the contrary.

The benefit show is in Lenexa. But you know how dangerous those rappers are. I’ll stay here. You let me know how it goes.

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