Don Denkinger, umpire beloved by 1985 Royals fans, now favors replay

Even geeky Mac forums are obsessed this morning with last night’s botched call in Detroit. Umpire Jim Joyce spiked Armando Galarraga‘s perfect game with a blown call at first base. After the game, Joyce watched tape of the play, met Galarraga for a huggy mea culpa, then gave reporters a sound bite that may become the new century’s “Say it ain’t so, Joe.”

“I just cost that kid a perfect game,” the umpire confessed. Can a sit-down with Oprah be far behind?

The New York Post beats the Star to the punch today by touching base with Don Denkinger, the ump whose own first-base blunder in Game 6 of the 1985 World Series helped boost the Royals back into contention. Denkinger tells the paper, “Maybe instant replay can clean things up. If a play is missed, it can be corrected. I didn’t feel that way in ’85, but I feel that way now.”

That’s nice, Don. Now be quiet.

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