Dog Patch fire board members fight over something …

Damn. Fox 4 is kinda interesting. Reporter Rob Low has been following the fighting hill folk of the Inner-City Fire District. The fighting hill folk expertly represent beautiful shanty town Blue Summit, aka “Dog Patch,” aka the home of totally not-sexy adult bookstore and knife shop Erotic City.

From what I can make out through the shouting, the only tornado siren in Blue Summit is broken, and these fools can’t agree on replacing it. Ponytail guy is road-ready for a fight. I mean, he did say, “Get outta my face,” which is hill-folk fightin’ words. So a Jackson County Sheriff’s deputy arrests ponytail guy for an outstanding warrant. Shocking.

Keep it classy, hill folk. And get that new tornado siren. I’d totally hate to see “Dog Patch” blow away.

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