Do you want to become a partial owner of a Lawrence board game pub? Here’s your chance.

Restaurant Pub & Games

An inside look at Restaurant Pub & Games before its grand opening in Sept. 2019. // Courtesy of Restaurant Pub & Games.

Remember when we all gathered around the table to have a few drinks and play some board games? While that time will happen again at some point, there’s one spot in Lawrence that’s ahead of the rest. If you want, you can have a piece of that action.

Restaurant Pub & Games opened in Sept. 2019 and offers over 1,000 board games, fit for any vibe. Whether it’s a strategy game and you want to think of it’s a party game where you want to drink, RPG has it all. It currently has curbside pickup for its food, drinks, and games and it recently started a subscription service for its massive collection.

It’s the vision of Nate & Meghan Morsches and Matt & Betsy Pool. Starting with an online forum thread about the concept, these old friends knew it was time to have fun at work and give their community a place where everyone could call it home. On top of their day jobs and a total of seven children, the two couples put their heads together to make RPG a reality.

RPG is seeking investors to help grow the company by buying into its innovative board game subscription model, along with supporting a new outside dining area and expanding its marketing reach. It’s seeking $50,000 and it sits at $31,000 from 36 investors. The structure of the investment is not like a typical loan or equity purchase. It’s classified under revenue-based finance, which is a new way to finance business. Rather than paying back interest, investors get a multiplier of how much they invest.

“I’m really proud of the work that we’ve accomplished here. I’m really proud of my team. We’re fighters and with the pandemic that’s just bringing everybody down, what I’ve seen is determination, drive, and success through great difficulty,” Morsches says. “The character of our team as well as our staff, we’re fully committed to the mission and we’re not going to quit.”

Anyone interested in becoming an investor can check out what RPG has to offer here.

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