DJ Shad

Traditionally, clubgoers rest on Sundays — not in strict observance of the Sabbath but because they can’t find any hot spots to hit. Recently, though, hip-hop fans have put their ears to the ground and followed the trail of rumbling, bass-driven beats to the Jazzhaus. At this Lawrence joint, DJ Shad spins everything from old-school gold (KRS-One, Pharcyde, Notorious B.I.G.) to current radio jams (Snoop Dogg, the Game, anything from the Dirty South) to local tracks from Kansas City and Lawrence MCs. The ambience is casual, with candlelit tables setting the mood, and the admission is cheap, with guys paying two bucks and ladies entering free. The party starts popping around 10 p.m., peaks near midnight and ends at 1:45 a.m., when the sweat-soaked crowd starts heading home to plan its next week of dance destinations.

Categories: Music