DJ Chairman Mao

Chairman Mao ruled the People’s Republic of China for roughly two decades. This weekend, Larryville residents can judge Chairman Mao’s historical legacy firsthand — not in the flesh, of course. But they can witness the leader’s hip-hop namesake: DJ Chairman Mao, a prolific New York City writer and DJ. Chairman Jefferson Mao’s illustrious rap sheet includes his DJ residency at New York’s APT in downtown Manhattan and bylines in Rolling Stone; The Source; XXL Magazine; and the hip-hop magazine he founded, Ego Trip. Saturday he checks into Lawrence’s Eighth Street Taproom for an event called “The Breakdown,” bringing deep crates of vinyl, masterful talent on the turntables and revolutionary zeal. Expect fistfuls of funk, soul and old-school hip-hop spun into a helix of aural sweetness.

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