Dish & Drink KC: A new Korean restaurant is opening in Westport, a new ghost kitchen, and the best Superbowl Takeout Options

A photo of dishes from Kobi Q in Kansas City.

Courtesy of Kobi-Q

Check it out: Kobi-Q in Westport

Kobi-Q (1531 Grand Boulevard) has become a Crossroads standby since opening in 2018, serving up savory/sweet bibimbap, Korean fried chicken, Japanese-style pork tonkatsu, and tasty rice cakes with spicy barbecue beef, among other dishes. Now customers closer to Westport will have more access to Kobi-Q’s signature dishes, along with a lot more.

The brand new Westport location of Kobi-Q can be found at 435 Westport Road (the former home of Sama Zama). In addition to the dishes offered in the Crossroads, the Westport location also offers poke, fresh sushi, and even omakase experiences for customers who book reservations ahead of time online. The Westport location will also have unique happy hour dishes, as well as a special late-night menu that will debut in the summer, pending the lifting of COVID restrictions and the return of the Westport bar crowd. Laura Wagner consulted on the beverage program, which includes a classic cocktail menu that highlights Asian ingredients, as well as a sake and wine menu that is designed to pair with the restaurant’s food. The Westport Kobi-Q is owned by artists Mila Lee and Justin Sehorn.

And a heads up: Kobi-Q Westport will be offering some unique Valentine’s Day options, including a make-your-own sushi roll kit, sushi bento boxes, and Korean fried chicken boxes.

A photo of the Nashville Chicken Sandwich from Smash n Nash

Courtesy Smash n Nash

A new Ghost Kitchen: Smash ‘n Nash

Now available for delivery is food from Smash ‘n Nash, a ghost kitchen operated out of the Summit Restaurant Group restaurants at 75th and Wornall (Summit Grill, Boru, and South of Summit). Smash ‘n Nash offers smashed burgers, Nashville hot chicken sandwich (get it?), hand-breaded chicken tenders, crispy steak fries, tots, and big chocolate chip cookies. Smash ‘n Nash is available from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day of the week through DoorDash.

Image of Tacos from Taco Naco in Overland Park

Photo by April Fleming

Super Bowl Snacks

There are a ton of options for getting Super Bowl snacks ready for this weekend. Here a few of the best-looking options out there:

Taco Naco – this very good taqueria and market just opened in Overland Park at 8220 Metcalf Avenue. Here you can pick up freshly-made salsas (we particularly love the peanut macha), Margarita mix, taco kits for 2-5 people, or just tacos. Check out the offerings here. Taco Naco is open every day.

Mission Taco Joint – more taco kits here! From a press release: the Game Day Package includes their Taco Party Kit for Four, which comes with two proteins (Cochinita Pibil (shredded pork), Birria (shredded beef), marinated grilled chicken, wood-fired portobellos, vegan taco meat (Hungry Plant) or house-made chorizo), two sides (rice, beans, or street corn), flour, corn or both tortillas, a tray of all the toppings (pico, queso fresco, sour cream, salsa de arbol, shredded lettuce, and pickled onion); two bags of house-made chips; guacamole; queso; salsas; and a quart of margaritas. Order through Feb. 7 here.

Q39 – pick up large to-go barbecue packages, from a half chicken and sausage, to an entire brisket.

J. Gilbert’s and Bristol Seafood Grill – you can get big SuperBOIL shrimp and seafood boil kits from both restaurants. These include shrimp, split lobster tails, clams, crab legs, potatoes, corn on the cob, Andouille sausage and Old Bay seasoning. The kits are $160, and are designed to accomodate 4-6 people. Call the restaurants directly to place orders for the kits, which will be available February 5-7.

Edit: This article was amended to remove a blurb about the Black Pantry popping up at Big Mood Natural Wines this weekend. That event is happening *next* weekend, on Saturday, February 13th, so that blurb will reappear next week. Sorry for the confusion! 

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