Dino Jack Crispy

Miles Bonny is one of the area’s truly enigmatic artists, issuing music under a variety of aliases and assumed names that make his presence heard, if rarely seen. Bonny’s latest hour-long solo coaster ride, Dino Jack Crispy, merges jagged rhythms, odd bird noises and an occasional freestyle. On the most accessible track, “Words Are Cheap,” Bonny delivers a flowing mantra over a complex playground of noise. From there, it just gets weirder and more fun. “Can’t Touch My Ice” reconfigures the signature hits from MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice into a wry soundscape; the scissor-cut Beastie Boys’ snippets of “Fitting In” suddenly halt halfway, and the track restarts as a gurgling beat-chomping machine accompanied by an elegant violin backdrop. The hilariously panic-stricken “Help I’m Amish” threatens to make music with electronics, as a Gregorian voice intones about the evils of doing so in the foreground. Recorded live in Bonny’s home studio, the DJC debut has a work-in-progress feel that lets listeners partake in the revelry. The appropriately named “Party Banger” provides a deft instrumental with clear instructions: MC over this! It all wraps up with a pair of trancelike ditties that set the controls on interstellar overdrive. Under the guise of DJC, Bonny isn’t trying to be anything other than his eccentric self.

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