Dimmu Borgir

Epic goth act Dimmu Borgir (pronounced dim-MOO bor-GEAR) could freak your shit out in broad daylight, let alone a smoke-filled nightclub.

On the 2004 Ozzfest main stage, only Judas Priest rivaled the Norwegians’ theatrics. Dimmu Borgir emerged in leather, spikes and full makeup, radiating sympathy for the devil. But there’s more than spectacle to what these palest of black-metal dudes proffer.

The drama extends to Dimmu Borgir’s music, which is rich with classically inspired instrumentation. Dark, bewitching hymns sometimes incorporate an organ and gale-force guitar shredding, as frontman Shagrath growls in the voice of a demon.

“The Mourning Palace” by Dimmu Borgir:

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