Dillinger Four

Warped Tour be damned, there are still three-chord-wonder bands out there who: 1. aren’t cute enough for MTV airplay; 2. care about politics; and 3. attempt humor that’s not scatologically based. Dillinger Four hails from Minneapolis, where you have to laugh at times just to keep your heart from freezing. This quartet delivers fat, sweaty, no-nonsense, all-American punk rock and roll. (Save your lighters for the Mellencamp concert.) Its members call listeners idiots, explain why nonlisteners are also idiots, and still have everyone giggling like idiots throughout their sets. The group is like a tough-love Santa Claus, someone who gives you a stocking full of turds while telling you “one day you’ll appreciate this.” Maybe you will, and maybe you won’t, but the whole affair’s going to stick in your head for a long time.

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