Digital Leather

Polished and primitive, Omaha’s Digital Leather is a self-described oxymoron. Shawn Foree’s songs are offensive but undeniably infectious, lobbing Nazi references, homophobia and pornography into punk-powered pop with an ease that’s enraging all by itself. Technicolor synths manage to transcend ironic kitsch in favor of catchy tunes saturated with charisma. Dirtier than M83 and wittier than Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, Foree’s lyrics on his latest release, Warm Brother (the title apparently was a Nazi euphemism for gays), come riddled with twisted humor: I feel like I’m in a pornographic soap opera/Do you wanna play doctor? If provocation is Foree’s passion, Digital Leather’s garage-rock, electro-thrash mess is a weird, out-of-kilter success.

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