Didn’t get your stimulus check yet? Here’s one place that can help.

Macro Image Of Irs Tax Return Check Mailed By Post Office.

According to the Legal Aid of Western Missouri, more than 143,000 people in Missouri who qualify for the stimulus payment have yet to receive it. LAWMO has a free program in place to help individuals who haven’t received the $1,200 yet and are making it as accessible as possible.

LAWMO’s CARES hotline will help resolve some of the issues people are still facing two months after payments started being deposited. Some of the issues LAWMO is still seeing include:

  • Clients whose 2019 tax returns have been “processing” for months, and the stimulus payment won’t issue until that return is processed.
  • Clients who need to use the “non-filer” portal to make a claim but do not have internet access or technological capability.
  • Unbanked homeless or transient clients whose payments went to the wrong address.
  • Clients whose stimulus payments were stolen by an identity thief.
  • Domestic violence survivors whose abusers received the payment and refuse to share it.
  • Clients whose payment was offset to their spouse’s child support debt.

If you or anyone you know is having issues receiving their stimulus payment, contact the Legal Aid CARES hotline at 1-800-990-2907 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday-Friday.

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