Dexter Romweber

“Blues That Defy my Soul” by Dexter Romweber, from Blues That Defy My Soul (Yep Roc Records):

Dexter Romweber‘s admirers include Jack White, Neko Case and Cat Power — all of whom have testified to the legacy of the former Flat Duo Jets frontman for a new biopic, titled Two Headed Cow, that’s making the festival rounds.

It’s easy to imagine those artists discovering Romweber’s albums as teenagers and having their musical minds re­arranged by his saucy blend of rockabilly, lounge, surf and garage.

Now touring as a duo with sibling drummer Sara Romweber, the enigmatic performer seems reinvigorated by the accolades that largely escaped the Flat Duo Jets even as they tore through the Athens, Georgia, underground and set the stage for two-pilot jet engines such as the White Stripes.

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