Detroit Cobras and the Willowz

“Evil Son” by the Willowz, from Chautauqua (Dim Mak):

These two acts hail from different corners of the garage. The Detroit Cobras dig into their hometown heritage with classic garage-soul cadged from vintage forgotten tracks and delivered with sexy frontwoman Rachel Nagy’s throaty vocals. Live, the Cobras’ R&B vibe is yoked to an eight-cylinder guitar juggernaut helmed by Mary Ramirez and sizzling guest guitarist Greg Cartwright (Reigning Sound). California quartet the Willowz are amps-to-11 blooze-blasters whose chunky throb rattles paint from the walls. It’s a pulsing, guttural attack like a forearm to the solar plexus, meant to disable with raging, reverb-ridden distortion.

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