Oh, Canada. You shouldn’t have. You always give us such extraordinary gifts. Celine Dion. Strange Brew. Alex Trebek. Canadian bacon. A slight case of wicked-bad frostbite when we drank a half-rack of fine Kokanee beer and passed out in a snowbank somewhere in British Columbia. And now, Destroyer. The Great White North’s gift to the realm of introspective singer-songwriters that generally fly solo but still feel compelled to name themselves things like Iron and Wine, Statistics and, yes, Destroyer. Also known as Dan Bejar. The Vancouver resident is best known for his contributions to the New Pornographers, but Bejar’s latest release, Your Blues, aims to prove he’s no slouch on the solo tip as he embarks on a U.S. tour with fellow Canucks Frog Eyes as both his opening and backing band. Damn. And all we gave you were some draft-dodging hippies.

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