To the tune of “God Save the Queen,” Ren and Stimpy once sang of Canada, Our country reeks of trees/Our yaks are really large/And they smell like rotting beef carcasses. But who will sing of the carcass of Despistado? Before breaking up, Regina, Saskatchewan’s greatest (only?) offering to the annals of indie rock released an EP and a full-length called The People Of and Their Verses. The latter is a jagged masterpiece of Wire-inspired intensity that condenses the much-hyped postpunk revival into a magnesium flare of percussive guitar and dual, distempered vocals. It’s no wonder that Jade Tree is marketing the album after Despistado’s demise; this record is amped up with more firewater than will ever be produced by the adrenal glands of the Futureheads and Franz Ferdinand put together. Despistado definitely whizzed on the electric fence, and we reap the results.

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