Derrick Carter


Derrick Carter likes his anonymity. But there are only so many places that a beefy, bald dude can hide, even when he’s not spinning house music at clubs around the world. Not that D.C. hasn’t tried. He hails from Chicago, but when he isn’t traipsing across this country, he’s doing the expat thing in Europe — his Classic Recordings label is based in London — and performing under aliases such as Tone Theory, Sound Patrol and Rednail. Only in the recent past has Carter begun to embrace performing under his own name. But the man’s music is equally elusive. He has made his home spinning house, but Carter isn’t shy about blurring the edges with ventures into disco, soul, jazz or whatever else happens to be catching his ear at any given moment. And as Carter’s popularity continues to rise behind his live performances and albums such as Squaredancing in a Round House, anonymity will be even harder to come by in the years ahead. Bad for him. Good for you.

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