Delores Metcalf and the dark side of cat fancy

  • KCTV
  • These were just a handful of the cats recovered last August from Metcalf’s home.

A serial hoarder was again found to be in possession of her favorite keepsakes – cats – on Tuesday. According to KMBC Channel 9, the city seized 16 felines from the Northland residence of Delores Metcalf in what was apparently the fourth time that Animal Control officers have been sent to the 3700 block of North Bales.

Metcalf was in the news last August, when the city recovered 153 cats from the same home. A decade ago, Animal Control officers in Liberty found 94 living cats, as well as a refrigerator filled with their dead breathren, at a home occupied by Metcalf. She has not been cited in the latest incident, but she is still facing animal-abuse charges from the intervention last summer.

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