Deer Tick will be bringing plenty of attitude to the Bottleneck this Saturday

Funny story about Deer Tick. About a year ago, I got on the phone with lead singer John McCauley for an interview. I’d heard things about how he could be a douche with the press, but I was confident in my angle. I had tons of questions prepared and sectioned off according to the degree to which McCauley was hungover. Turns out all my prep was for nothing.

Seven minutes into the conversation, McCauley responded to one of my questions with, “I don’t know, I just don’t give a shit about music.” I concluded the interview (though it lives on here) and was not surprised when, a few weeks later, at the Deer Tick show, he spewed beer at the first few rows. That doesn’t mean I won’t be at this Bottleneck gig – in the way, way back. Ticket info here

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