Death by Stereo

For legions of angry young screamers, being fuckin’ pissed is what it’s all about. But what, pray tell, is everybody so pissed about? Did Max Factor discontinue their favorite eyeliner? Did their personal assistants wash their whites with their colors? Was last night’s episode of Judging Amy a rerun? Come on, ladies, pull yourselves together. There are plenty of real issues to be apoplectic about — just ask Death by Stereo. These boys are fuckin’ pissed, but they aim their thrashing fury directly at the status quo. Take, for instance, lyrics from “High School Was Like Boot Camp for a Desk Job,” from 2001’s Day of the Death: I’m chained to a desk/Down on my knees/9 to 5/ritual of death/Sucking life right out of me/Rolled up in a flag/Will somebody please burn meeeeee? And who could forget songs like “I Wouldn’t Piss in Your Ear If Your Brain Was on Fire” and “You’re a Bullshit Salesman With a Mouthful of Samples”? Ah, sweet subtlety.

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