Deadman Flats records its Mudstomp romps

Mudstomp Records is gathering an arsenal of up-and-coming pickers, stompers and hillbilly sound machines in Arkansas, Kansas and Missouri. Alongside Mountain Sprout, Lawrence’s Deadman Flats is one of the label’s flagship bands. Its shredded bluegrass sets the stage for a live DVD taping on Friday, December 10, at Liberty Hall. The Pitch caught up with Hank Osterhout, the band’s bassist and singer, to talk about this celebration of Mudstomp’s core values: simplicity, freedom and speed.

The Pitch: Why a DVD instead of a CD?

Hank Osterhout: It was taking longer than we thought to record our new album, so we’re going to stick with a live DVD recording. We also wanted to turn it into a Mudstomp event, so the Ben Miller Band and the Brody Buster Band will be support acts, and there will be a VIP package that includes an afterparty at the Bottleneck with Mountain Sprout and the Whistle Pigs.

Will the band perform new material?

We are definitely going to have a good handful of brand-new, unreleased songs, but there are a lot of songs off the first two albums, too. We want to make it as close to a definitive Deadman Flats show as possible. It will be all original material, and we’ve got a surprise stage setup that’s an homage to our friends and our roots.

What kind of ” ‘billy” is Deadman Flats?

Thrashabilly. That is where Mudstomp came from: the need to brand a new genre. I actually invented the term myself. We’ve had so many blankabilly or blankgrass, like ‘black-and-blue-grass’ or ‘trashabilly’ or ‘acoustic death-metal cow punk’ and everything in between. That was the whole idea of creating Mudstomp — so we could transcend or get away from being a subgenre. We aren’t this kind of ‘grass’ or this kind of ‘abilly.’ We’re Mudstomp.

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