David Cook’s “Happy Xmas” — minus “(War Is Over)”

American Idol winner and Blue Springs native David Cook sang the John Lennon classic “Happy Xmas (War is Over)” at Rockefeller Center early this month. It was a gorgeous rendition — except for one thing:

Fans of the Christmas classic might have noticed something kind of important missing. As Roger Catlin, a vigilant TV writer for the Hartford Courant, noted:

The most shocking thing about “Christmas in Rockefeller Center,” an event that’s usually benign holiday fun, wasn’t the amount of people in the show whose parts were pre-recorded (including Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, Beyonce, the Jonas Brothers, and probably Faith Hill).

It was the neutering of a John Lennon song sung as part of the event.

That’s right — Cook didn’t get to sing the song’s iconic “war is over, if you want it” refrain. Catlin was pissed, and he thinks Cook was too:

Cook, for his part, seemed pretty glum about it and ended his number by saying, probably spontaneously, “Thank you guys. Come home soon.”

We wish Cook would have been able to sing the whole song, as it was meant to be sung. We also wish more than a couple of the 220 fans who gushed variations of “he’s so cute!” and “he’s so AWESOME!” in the comments (at least on this YouTube post; there are a few others) had noticed the missing ending.

C.J. Janovy

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