Darlingside’s ‘Terrible Things’ is your Folk Alliance International Song of the Day

The International Folk Alliance Conference & Winter Music Camp comes to KC February 19-23. To get you geared up for the folk blowout, every day we’re posting a song we like by one of the event’s showcase artists.

Since releasing its debut full-length in 2012, Massachusetts’ Darlingside has lost a member – down now to a four-piece – but doesn’t seem to be suffering for a lack of sound. With lead singer Don Mitchell’s versatile vocals and rounded out with an assembly of string parts – mandolin, violin, bass and guitar – Darlingside accomplishes a sound that is as refreshing as a parting of the clouds on a gray day. The rest of the group joins in often to add backing vocals or give full support to a chorus. All that, and the group has a clever songwriting streak, too. The video for “Terrible Things” is a witty take on an old theme – and luckily, it has a happy ending. 

For more information on the FAI and the upcoming conference, go here

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