Danny Pound

When Danny Pound releases a record, it’s a bit like the Olympics or a lunar eclipse, minus the need for binoculars. The Lawrence songwriter has been on a steady two-record-a-decade pace since the early ’90s (during which he played for indie-rockers Vitreous Humor and the Regrets) despite his reputation for penning songs by the dozen. His craft is impeccable, schooled by vinyl-age troubadours such as Bob Dylan and Gene Clark and tailored with his own modern pop sensibility. Like his fellow Larryville barfly Arthur Dodge, Pound could have made a killing in 1970s Nashville. But we’re glad he was born a couple of decades too late to cash in because that means we can celebrate his record-release parties with a $3 ticket, cheap beer and enough left in the wallet to spring for a CD.

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