Danger Bob


Don’t call it a reunion. That’s the ploy Kiss is always trying to pull. These Danger Bob dates actually open the second leg of the group’s farewell tour. Semantics aside, it’s a gimmick shameless enough to be routinely exploited by Cher, but hey … whatever works. The formerly Lawrence-based band announced its breakup in 1999 and was last seen on area stages in 2001, which means that Danger Bob is bookending rather than celebrating its ten-year anniversary with an appearance. Now the rocky-pop quartet returns with hooks a-blazing to skewer callous-hearted girls, Scientologists and Real World cast suckers in song. Saturday’s evening with Danger Bob will even feature a top-secret opening act, and the shows will have different set lists. Besides myriad other wares, there’ll be a book hawked at the merch table titled Incredidumb: From Wanna-Bes to Has-Beens — The Danger Bob Story. Start all required pogo training regiments ASAP and plan to buy enough goods to enable Danger Bob to live comfortably until 2005. Or, as the band will refer to it, farewell tour leg number three.

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