Daily Briefs: White men do the BEST imitations of black men

%{[ data-embed-type=”image” data-embed-id=”57150c4289121ca96b960728″ data-embed-element=”aside” ]}%The jokes of comedy: What have we learned this year? For one thing, we learned that a joke whose punchline is “Lipstick!!!” is always way funnier and more handicapped-accessible if you point to your lipstick when you tell it. Men: This also works for jokes about cocks. Nothing enhances a joke like a helpful little pantomime, or, in the case of saggy old Robin Williams, who looks like he recently opened the Ark of the Covenant, making parenthetical non-sequiturs in the voices of a faith-healing televangelist or, hey, a stereotypical “black man”:

It’s FUNNY because it’s TRUE!!!! Black men: always grabbing their cocks and shouting at the tops of their voices about “booties,” LADIES, AM I RIGHT??? And this includes President Elect Barack Obama, obvs. It’s like Robin Williams rolled up his sleeves, sharpened a pencil, sat down at his joke-writing desk, wrote, “Obama’s black” on a piece of paper, circled it, and then farted and fell asleep. Also, I think the kids stopped saying “keeping it real” in, like, 1999 or something? If you can think of anything less relevant to the life-experience or public career of Barack Obama than this, you can win Matrix shampoo and conditioner, a $5.98 value. TIP FOR BUDDING TONIGHT SHOW PERFORMERS: If you turn a joke upside-down, for instance by saying, “You know what they say: Small shoes, small clit,” you’ll probably need to point clitward to make your point. Although that audience will laugh at anything.

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